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DIY Dog Bed – Part 1

DIY Dog Bed – Part 1


So, with a new puppy on the way, I have a serious case of nesting. I’ve been to PetSmart (several times) to pick up new dishes, puppy food, squeaky toys and whatnot. I’ve also made a slew of fuzzy fleece blankets, including one with a pocket for her to climb into, and used the extra scraps of fleece to make her a chewy toy. These are, of course, primarily violet in color, in honor of new puppy Violet.


This is a pic of the pocket pillow, just big enough for her to snuggle into if she wants.

So, this teeny tiny dog bed got me thinking…with a little effort I bet I could make a really nice dog bed for my current dog, Hazel. She’s just 10 pounds, so it wouldn’t have to be very big, or expensive to make. And I want to make Hazel feel special, in light of the fact that she’s going to be the big sister and all. Here’s Hazel, cutest dog ever…

She is a miniature schnauzer, and leans toward the small side, even for a miniature.
So back to the dog bed idea. I went online to research and found this bed as inspiration…


Adorable right? I tried to get a link to the tutorial, but Pinterest didn’t have one. If you want to try, put “DIY Dog Bed” in the Pinterest search field and it should come up.

So I started looking for a small side table with either a bookshelf opening or a cabinet. I refused to pay more than a few bucks for it because, lets face it, it’s for DOGS and they’re probably going to scratch it up, chew it and get their stink all over it. I was super lucky to find this table – almost exactly the same as the one in the inspiration model.

Nice Zombie eyes Hazel. Remember this table from the 1970s? I think that everyone we knew had one in their rumpus room, using it to stash the hard liquor. From the time period where big, clunky dark furniture spelled “classy”. Yuck.

I got it at my favorite thrift store, Savers. I could go on and on about my love of Savers, and maybe I will someday, but for now just know that I shop there once a week, buying 90% of all the clothes in my household. Anyway, I had a 30% off coupon on the day I got the table, so I paid a grand total of….

And, when I got it home and flipped it over, holy crap, it’s an Ethan Allen? Bonus!

Next up, turning my ugly duckling of a side table into a cozy spot that’s pretty enough for my pups.


About lauraerickson2001

I'm a stay at home mom with two little boys, and two little dogs. I spend my spare time working on crafty projects that run the gambit from cookie decorating to furniture refinishing (to blogging!).

5 responses »

  1. Love it….

  2. Claire maragnano

    Great hazel is still sooo cute …..Mom

  3. This is amazing! Can’t wait to see more! You need a pinterest pin button!

  4. Becky Little Magee

    I’ve only discovered this page over the weekend. I love the DIY dog bed so put my sister-in-law (our antique hunter and specialist in finding things we want) on Tuesday to be on the look out for a couple of these because I have two little ones. I really lucked out because she’s found me two of them already and it’s just Thursday. I can hardly wait to get started.


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