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My Little Mannequins

Some of the projects that I take on are strictly for my own amusement. They don’t serve any real purpose, but I like to have something to do while I watch TV, and am easily amused.

So I had one of these mannequins that artists use to draw the human form

I’m not an artist, but I saw it at a yard sale and figured I could give him (or her) a good home. At Halloween, I thought that I would dress him up in costume.

This I made with toilet paper and a bit of scotch tape. I liked it so much that I dressed “her” up at Christmastime.

I sewed and pinned this one together using wool felt and fur trim I had in my crafts closet. Although the photo is kinda crappy, you can see how I fastened the stole with a fake diamond stud.
I had this out on my buffet when I hosted some of my old college friends for dinner (Westfield State College, class of 1989) when my old roommate Lori comment on it. She then told me that she had a mannequin just like mine in her trunk. Seriously, and what are the chances? She had gotten it from a coworker and, since she wasn’t using it, offered it to me. So now our one wooden man was a wooden couple.

Shortly thereafter, I fashioned these outfits out of paper towels.

Don’t they make a lovely couple? I like to think that they’re on their way to a summer Holiday here.

When I hosted Bunco (a dice game), I gave them these

At Easter, I made them look like bunnies

And finally, in the summer, I put them in swimming attire, again with paper towels…


I enjoy using the paper towels because they're inexpensive, easy to work with and can be held together with scotch tape.

I know I'll continue costuming these guys in the future, so stay tuned to see what's next! I'll add photos as I create them.

About lauraerickson2001

I'm a stay at home mom with two little boys, and two little dogs. I spend my spare time working on crafty projects that run the gambit from cookie decorating to furniture refinishing (to blogging!).

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  1. You never cease to amaze me….

  2. I would love to see their wedding pictures 🙂


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