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DIY Minion Costume

20131001-090938.jpgSo this year, my 8 year old asked to be a Minion for Halloween. I was psyched! Not since he asked me to make him a Buzz Light Year costume have I been so happy with his choice. Trevor is famous for wanting the cheapest store-bought costume (Power Ranger, Spider-Man) breaking the heart of a woman who lives for making memorable Halloween costumes for her kids. That would be ME.

I putting out this tutorial early in the season so that anyone who want to make one for their little guy will have time to make it happen before the big day.

Here’s a list of things you will need to make the goggles and hat:
Two mason jar lids
A silver grommet
A grommet tool
Black nylon strap (long enough to wrap your child’s head twice)
A black buckle for the above strap
Two whiffle balls
A Dremmel
A glue gun and some glue sticks for it
Yellow fun foam (a sheet will do)
Yellow stocking hat
Black pipe cleaners

So I started by making the goggles. To do this, I started with two Mason jar lids, with the inner circles removed.

The jars, with lids confiscated, will now make pretty vases for some cut flowers. I next popped a hole through the side of each lid, using my grommeting tool, which I will also need for the step after this.


These don’t have to be perfect, just big enough to slip a small grommet through. So now, I grommeted the two rings together, using a silver grommet. The end result is two rings attached like so…


Not the neatest job, but they are secured enough for my 8 year old. What more could I ask? They’re starting to look like goggles now, huh?
Ok, next step is to make a way to attach the straps. I did this with my trusty grommeting tool, but I could have used my Dremmel if it had occurred to me, and I’m sure the holes would’ve been prettier. Cut one slot, about an inch wide on each ring, directly opposite the grommet. It looks like I forgot to photograph the slots before I threaded the strap through them, but this is what they looked like after I strapped them up. I used a black nylon strap that I stole from my kid’s old backpack, but you can buy it by the yard at JoAnn’s.

I also had a buckle from the same backpack strap, so I threaded the straps through that to make the goggles adjustable.

Moving on to the Minion eyeballs. I went in search of 2 whiffle balls, the kind that are white with half the orb all “holey” and half of it plain. Ones like this…

But alas, there were none to be had in late September at Walmart. If I wasn’t such an impatient gal, I would have gone online and ordered them through EBay. Which is what I recommend you do if you live in a cold weather climate that doesn’t stock whiffle balls year-round. Anyway, I went looking for anything similar at Walmart and found these orbs in the pool section, on clearance. I honestly am not sure what their original purpose was, but they were battery powered and glowed in my choice of red, green or blue.

I started by popping out the battery compartment and light, so that I had a hollow globe. Then I took one of my goggle “lenses” and marked off how much of the orb I needed for my eyeballs.

Then I fired up my handy Dremmel and cut it along the line. After cutting, I then sanded the cut edge a bit, to remove any jaggy edges.

Holy crap. Who needs a manicure? I do! Check this out.

Alrightie then. So I still haven’t glued in the balls yet (a little juvenile humor for ya there) but next step would be to get some irises for your balls (heh heh).

Believe it or not, there’s a link for a multitude of irises. They print out, in pairs, on a sheet of paper, then all you need to do is pick the color you like, enlarge them to the appropriate size, and cut them out. The iris page is here. Creepy, huh? I also outlined the irises with a black Sharpie, which makes them look more realistic. And because I’m a freak for detail.

Ok now, run and grab your yellow sheet of fun foam. Lay a straight edge along your eyeball where you want the eyelid to fall, then hot-glue that sucker down. Trim off the excess.

I used a teeny bit of hot glue to adhere the irises. If you haven’t already, make sure your strap is connected to the goggle frames. Now you want to put your eyeballs into your goggles and hot glue them into place.

I used a hefty amount of hot glue to cover any leftover jaggy edges on the eyeballs.

And there you have it, your Minion goggles. In case you were wondering, I made them to sit up on my son’s hat, not across his eyes because I didn’t want to impede his vision in any way. I will admit that I had to talk him into this, but compromised by allowing him to have his face painted yellow when he trick-or-treats.

The hat was much easier. Just find a yellow stocking hat to fit your child’s head. Then take black pipe cleaners, cut them in half, and carefully poke them through the top of the hat.

I then carefully turned the hat inside out and squeezed a big glob of hot glue on all of the pipe cleaner ends. This serves two purposes because it not only keeps the hairs in place, but it also protects your child’s head from the pointy end of the pipe cleaner.

Once the hot glue is good and dry, flip the hat right side out. You may need to trim some or all of the pipe cleaners so go ahead and give that bad boy a haircut. And it’s done! Put the hat and the goggles together and you have a Minion costume.

To complete the ensemble you need to gather up the following:
A yellow long sleeve shirt
A pair of overalls (I had the hardest time finding some to fit my kid, so mine are homemade, but store bought would be just fine)
Black shoes
Black gloves
Yellow face paint (optional)
Also, I recreated the “Gru Industries” logo in black vinyl and stuck it to the front of the overalls. Here’s what I based it off of…

20131001-205141.jpgSo here is my kid in his costume, but without the face paint. I didn’t make him up for the purposes of this dress rehearsal. Isn’t he the handsomest 8 year old you’ve ever seen?

I promise to come back and add a picture of him that includes the face paint shortly after Halloween.

Now, to turn my 10 year old into a Tardis. Hmmm…

Good luck with your own Halloween costumes this month!

About lauraerickson2001

I'm a stay at home mom with two little boys, and two little dogs. I spend my spare time working on crafty projects that run the gambit from cookie decorating to furniture refinishing (to blogging!).

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  1. That is incredible Laura
    What a lucky son you have!

  2. Cutest minion I’ve ever seen

  3. What a perfect minion costume! Where did you find the yellow cap? I can’t find one for my 2 yr old. Thanks!!

    • Meredith,
      I had a hard time finding ANY plain colored hat for my kid (without words or a picture on the front), but luckily I came across this one on EBay. It is adult size, but my kid’s head is pretty large for an almost 9-year-old. If you can’t find a kid sized one on EBay, you could always order the adult and take it in with a few stitches. Also, if you, or anyone you know is handy, you could make one out of fleece.
      Here’s where mine is from (in EBay)

      1x Fashion Unisex Fancy Acrylic Knit Wrap Ski Beanie Cuff Warm Hats Caps Yellow

      It’s looking like that isn’t coming up as a link, so if not, type all or part of that in the search field, and it should come up.
      Good luck!

      • May not do any good now, LOL, but you will most likely find these solid colored skull caps/beanie caps in African American Beauty supply stores, flea markets, indoor flea markets where cheap things are sold. I have three sons who were these characters for Halloween and I searched and searched all day until I found them in two places an indoor flea market and at a convenient type store in a mall located in an African American neighborhood.

  4. Phenomenal!!!!! Thank you so much for the step by step! 🙂

  5. This is GREAT… THANK YOU

  6. Great costume! I used the inside of the jar lids for the eyes since I couldn’t find wiffle balls. I think the “eyelids” give it so much character and the irises printed perfectly! Thanks for the great ideas. I have one happy minion!!!

  7. That looks sooo cute! But can you please tell me the size of the mason jar lids? Or better the size of the mason jars? Amazon is full of different sizes 🙂 Thank you!!!

    • Mine were about 3″ across. I don’t remember the size if the jar but there were two sizes, a short one and a tall one that each worked with the same lid vi know this might not be very useful and I’m so sorry! We are moving and therefore purging and packing so I can’t lay my hands on the darned things right now. Good luck with your goggles!

  8. where did u get stocking hat from??

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  10. That is really well done! Love your minion goggles!
    What a cute costume at the end!

  11. thank you for posting this!! so creative, can’t wait to make mine this year 🙂 WOuld love to see final picture with paint!!

  12. Awesome idea 🙂 were did you get the yellow shirt from? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find a plain yellow long sleeve shirt.

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  17. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! My teen son and some of his friends will be minions at our church trunk or treat tomorrow night thanks to your costume ideas! The hay is the best part. For those of you who can’t find the yellow without going to a lot of trouble, we spray painted a white one 🙂 and dyed white shorts yellow.

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  23. Wish I hd seen this earlier it’s fab! Would love to have been able to make the goggles for my costume Saturday but no time to get stuff now. Ordered hat tho so will use that idea. Thanks for sharing it’s great!

  24. Hi – Could you let me know what the UK equivent of a Dremmel and a Whiffle ball is? Ive never heard of either of these and I want to make these for my hen doo!!
    Many thanks

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  29. Where did you find the yellow hats? I am having trouble locating them!

  30. This hat is the cutest! If anyone is looking, I could all the supplies on My question is.. And I feel like a dork, but I simply cannot thread the straps. I’ve tried several different ways to make it adjustable and it’s not coming together. Can you post a pick of the straps in the back? Or how did you thread it together?

    • The hat is packed away somewhere in my attic, so I can only refer to the picture in the post. I believe that all I did was to use a bracket that looked like a rectangle with a bar running down the middle. Then I wove one strap very loosely through left to right and the other one over that one right to left. Once they were both through the bracket I pulled them tight.
      An alternate to this would be to use Velcro on the straps. They have adhesive kind that wouldn’t even require sewing – easy peesy. Just put a few inches one half of the Velcro on each of the strap ends.
      Good luck!

    • Not having an old backpack to scavenge, I substituted black Velcro strips…the kind that sticks back to itself…threaded through and stuck…and then they stick to each other in the back to become adjustable.

  31. I’d like to print this out but am not able to for whatever reason. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!

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  34. Absolutely brilliant! Heading to the cabinet right now to raid my stash of Mason jars. Will go with the velcro straps and voila. Minion. Thank you!

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  36. How did you hook the eyes to the headband

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  42. I love this!! I’m attempting to make this for school. I teach kindergarten and need a costume. My daughter is also going to be a minion. (I’m not very crafty so wish me luck!)

    Do you have a cut file you used for the Gru logo? If so would you share your cut file?

  43. I love this!

    Is there a cut file for Silhouette that I can cut out the logo?

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