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Monthly Archives: June 2014

DIY Ladies’ Tank Top from Men’s Tee

tee6I went to my college reunion this weekend.  Twenty-fifth reunion from Westfield State College (now, it’s Westfield State University, la-di-da) and I had a FABULOUS time.  I missed my college friends more than I even knew was possible. Can’t wait until the next one! Here we are looking a little fuzzy.  I apologize for the poor focus, must’ve been the camera, or the beers, not sure which…



That’s nothing.  After I’d had even MORE beers, we managed to get this shot off in the photo booth…


So, so proud.

Anyway, while I was on campus, I bought myself this t-shirt.  It’s a men’s so it is both too long and too boxy.


I set out to make it a tad more fashionable.  This whole process took me maybe 20 minutes, and that included me winding my bobbin and changing the thread in my machine.  So I started with the shirt laid out flat like so…


Next, I took my shears and chopped away at it.  I cut off the sleeves, just inside of, and including, the seam that connects it to the body of the shirt.  then I cut the top of the shirt off straight across just under the collar.  Finally, I cut off the bottom hem, and cut another strip off the bottom of the shirt, about 1/2″ wide.  This last strip will serve as the tie at the top that holds your shirt together. tee7

Next, you sew two channels along the top edges so that you can loop the tie through them to hold your shirt up.  I just folded over about an inch and pinned it in place.  I then sewed about 3/4″ from the folded edge.


Once you do this, you’re almost done!  Now you take your tie piece and cut it so that it’s one long strip of material.  Take a safety pin and pin it to one end so that you can easily thread the tie through the channel.  Here you can see I’m all ready to start…


And the finished product!  I chose to tie it at one shoulder with a decorative bow, but you could just as easily either knot or sew the ends together then bury them in the channel to hide the seam/knot.  Or another pretty option would be to use a coordinating ribbon or cord as the tie and gussy it up!  Let your creativity run wild!



There, now isn’t that a bit more feminine?  And much cooler for the hot summer months too.

Now I’ve got my eye on a handful of tees in my husband’s drawer that just might need a little repurposing.