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DIY Wood Pallet Sign



It’s our first Thanksgiving in North Carolina and we are so pleased to be expecting family in town from Massachusetts and Tennessee. I have have been in full-on preparation mode, including my attempts to make the house look more festive. Today, I made this sign to hang in our entryway.  We think it’ll give our guests some idea of what is expected of them during their stay 🙂

I had never done a sign like this before but was so happy with the completed project that I decided to blog a brief tutorial on it.

First thing, after you’ve decided on your wording, you need to design it and print it out on a computer, laptop tablet, etc.  I’m most comfortable with Excel, so that’s what I used, but whatever you choose, just be sure that it has a font (or two) that you like, and that you can print out really large letters.  Here is what mine looked like on my computer.


Print it out and compare it to the wood that you’re planning to use. Adjust font size and reprint as necessary. Once you’ve got your final design in hand, cut out the words leaving 1/8″ blank paper around each word like so.


Now you will flip each word over to the back of the paper and write all over the back of the words with a charcoal pencil. I used one that I got at Hobby Lobby in a package of 6 for $5.00. Here is what it looked like.


As you can see, it’s a “soft” charcoal, which I recommend.  Here is what your paper should look like when you’re done writing on the back.


Now, carefully lay out your words, right side up, on your board and once you have them all in place, tape them down at the edges to keep them from shifting around. I forgot to take a picture of this so hopefully, I’m clear.

Carefully, using a ball point pen, trace around each letter’s edge.  By doing this, you are transferring the loose charcoal from the back of your paper to the wood.  Sort of like an old fashioned carbon copy (so that’s what “cc” means).


Once you’ve finished a word, you can carefully  untape it and remove it from your board. Look what you did!



How cool is that?  Think of what you are capable of!  You can transfer your favorite team logo, silhouette, saying, image?  The possibilities are endless!

Once I was done transferring the whole saying, I painted the letters on with a paint pen.  I also got these at Hobby Lobby.  Mine came in a 2-pack and looks like this.


It was too easy.  Much more so than using paint and a brush I think, especially since painting is not my strong suit in the Great Big World of Crafts.

I didn’t bother sealing my sign with polyurethane since it is strictly for indoor decorative use, but if I were planning on using it outside, I would’ve given it a couple of coats of clear varnish.



Stay tuned for more projects using this method.  Good luck with your own, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


About lauraerickson2001

I'm a stay at home mom with two little boys, and two little dogs. I spend my spare time working on crafty projects that run the gambit from cookie decorating to furniture refinishing (to blogging!).

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  1. Hi! I was wondering you happens to try this method yet with a team logo and if so have you ever tried on a bigger pallet. I understand how easy would be on smaller one but that’s because would fit on printer paper. I’m confused how others on doing logos on bigger pallets. Any help is much appreciated !!

    • I have done this with larger-than-printer-paper images. I have just printed my image out on regular paper then used my scanner to Enlarge and print it out one section at a time. I then transfer it piece by piece being careful to line up all of the edges. Another option would be to bring it to Staples or Kinkos and ask them to print it out to size. Some of them have super huge printers for doing large art and blueprints and might be able to accommodate your needs. Good luck!


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