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Rosette Wreath from Coffee Filters and Sheet Music


Helloooooo friends. I know, I know, long time no blog.  I have no excuse, so please just accept my apologies. Today I’m giving a quick tutorial on the above wreath I made using coffee filters and sheet music.


The coffee filters I used are the cheap, round, ruffle type.  For the wreath (it’s on a 14″ form) I made about 115 rosettes of which about 70 were constructed from the coffee filters.

So first off, you want to use a dry (no steam), hot iron and flatten out your coffee filters. Do these in batches since the humidity in the air will try to return them to their natural ruffle state.  I think I did about a dozen at a time.


Now using a pencil I drew a spiral on one starting at the outside edge heading towards the middle.


The trick here is to try to make your spiral sections about the same width like so


Ok, now I don’t show this in the picture, but stack about 6 coffee filters neatly together then cut along the line – so that you’re cutting out 6 at a time. If you have sharper scissors than I, stack more at a time to cut more at a time.

Each should now look like this…


Now, heat up your glue gun and start rolling.  Starting at the outside edge of the circle, roll the end in tightly.


Keep rolling all the way to the center until it looks like this.


The rosettes will be wound very tightly, but I like them a little looser (like I like my men😉) so I held the rosette in my palm then made like a “cage” with my hands and shook the rosette around for a few seconds. This allows it to unwind just a bit, leaving you with something that is less bud-like, and more rosette-Ish.



Looking good! Now turn out the little coin of paper that once was the center of the coffee filter and now is at the very bottom of your flower.


 This is where you’re going to put a liberal amount of hot glue.  Once you’ve done that, let the rest of the rosette rest on the glue and take a few seconds before the glue dries to make any adjustments you think are necessary.  Remember they are supposed to mimic their natural counterparts so you don’t want complete uniformity.


You have just mastered the paper rosette.


For the sheet music rosettes, I had bought a book of sheet music at my local thrift store awhile back, knowing that I would find a good craft project for it some day.  The day finally came!  I ripped out about 45 pages and, with about six sheets stacked together at a time, traced and cut out a circle.


Now just repeat the above steps for all of these circles to make your sheet music rosettes.

Once you are done rolling, rolling, rolling those flowers, it’s time to assemble your wreath. I forgot to photograph along the way, but it’s super easy.

Get yourself a 14 – 16 inch styrofoam wreath form. The one I got (cheap cheap at Walmart) was green, so I wrapped it in wide white satin ribbon.  This is so that the form wouldn’t peek through in between the rosettes. I used hot glue to attach the ribbon to the form. Next, start adhering your rosettes, using a good sized blob of hot glue for each.  Put the glue on the bottom of a rose, pick a spot on the wreath and hold it in place for a few seconds.  Grab your next flower, glue it, then place it right next to the first one.  Continue this way, working your way around the wreath. Be sure to scatter the sheet music ones amidst the white ones. I made 6 white roses for every 4 music ones just as an FYI.

image image  image

And there you have it. A big, beautiful, gorgeous wreath that maybe cost $10. If anyone has a book loving friend who’s getting married, you could offer to make her a wedding bouquet out of book pages. Gorgeous, creative, incredibly inexpensive and she can keep it forever.  Or you can dye the coffee filters any color, or use colored paper even and make a pretty wreath for any occasion.  The possibilities are endless.

Best of luck with your own wreath!

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  1. Claire Maragnano

    It’s gorgeous. I want one. When I’m in NC you’ll need to help me.

  2. Love it more every time I see it.

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